Since 1972 we are running the Agli Angeli. From that time on the parent house with the restaurant and the original seven guestrooms has grown up.Five years ago we expanded the hotel with seven other rooms in a house vis-à-vis

In both houses, in the parent house and in the new Hotel  you can see some of our souvenirs we brought back from Bali home to Gardone. On this beautiful indonesian island we find the best way to recreate and prepare oureselves for the comming season .

Furthermore we took the golden opportunity on Bali  to collect many pretty pieces of teak furniture,paintings and sculptures from the stone, which perfectly matches and harmonizes with our local architectural style and the italian design

In the photo gallary you may take a look in our modern and lovingly arranged rooms.

The rooms with the number 23 and 25 are suites, where up to 4 persons can stay overnight.

One more comment : Room 29 has a little balcony with a bautiful  view onto the lake